Sunday, September 29, 2013

All done

On Thursday on the wee hours of the morning I finally wrote the very final words of my novel.  It was two am, holy crap it was two in the damn morning.  Then I went to work the next morning. 

Let me tell you something, when I first started this story that I've just finished I knew very vaguely how it would end.  There would always be this scene played out near a bog and it would be sad.  That still happened.  As I was getting nearer and nearer these points in the story I knew certain characters needed to die and I found myself floundering, second guessing myself on if it should happen.  The how and why of it, and if it and if it still worked for the story.  But it still works.  Part of the story needed to tie to things at the beginning.   I just didn't know that when I started writing.  It's funny how the story finds it way out even when you don't realize exactly where it's going.   Like the story is leaving you breadcrumbs on it's way through your brain in case you got lost along the way.  Did that make sense?  Kinda...  In the end I realized I'd left myself some really interesting threads/breadcrumbs that were supposed to be tied together, so I tied them up/made bread pudding.

Also, today is my birthday.  I have been 39 for 42 minutes now. 

In a few hours I'm leaving to go to Disneyland.  When I come back I'll start doing some fun blogs about process and also start planning book two.  I'm leaving this story to sit till after November so I can look at it with fresh eyes.  Well... I'll try anyway.  I'm still pretty close to this story.  It's hard not to jump right into revising.

One more birthday mention, since it is my birthday you could donate to my Night of Writing Dangerously NanoWriMo fund raising page.   It's a great fundraiser for them.

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  1. Congratulations on getting your novel done! And Happy Birthday!