Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thor - Inspiration all over the place

Today Marvel put out the announcement that as of October there will be a new THOR replacing the one we've known for the past fifty two years. This included some amazing images to what this new Thor will look like. A bad ass woman in armor. Sure, she's got a little bit of chest molding going on but it's not overt and the outfit is most definitely not revealing nor is it particularly problematic.  It's basically a female version of male Thor clothing. 

I read this article during my lunch break.  I was so happy I wanted to cry.  I was inspired.  I realized that this was the kind of thing that meant that if people will get excited about Thor who happens to be a woman.  Then the story I've been writing really might have a place out there.  I've been putting off working on revisions and instead working on a second book and other projects. Well, I'm excited.

This evening after I'd changed my wallpaper on my phone to this image I started looking at the outfit she was wearing.  Out of nowhere I found myself thinking what material would work best to make a helm like that.  How many months is it to Convolution?  Two and a half?  The new comic wont even be out yet.  I wasn't planning a huge new costume this soon.   I must be nuts.

Speaking of Convolution, they said I'd be there and that I'm doing something.  Whatever will it be?  Mysteries!

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  1. I'm withholding my comments about the 'I must be nuts' comment. ;)

    I have so, so many feelings about this announcement, all of them positive.