Thursday, September 25, 2014

So much to do! - Convolution Schedule

Hello there blog world, I’m going to be at Convolution this Friday and it’s going to be amazing! I was invited to be there as a guest this year.  Below is a list of the panels I’ll be on, all of which I think are going to be interesting and hopefully fun.
I’m very excited about the guests this year especially TanyaHuff.  I’ve loved her mostly going back to the Blood Books.  I really hope that in all my running around, I get to meet up with her and ask her to sign one my copy of one her books.

Discussion will include portrayals of kink and BDSM in film, literature and tv, how it can be done well and how it can go horribly, horribly wrong- sometimes with hysterical results. 18 and over ONLY

Saturday 6:00pm – 8:00pm Stepping Into the Professional World

A panel on professional behavior, communication and style. Topics include how and when to reply to emails, with colleagues to maintain a balanced professional relationship. Geared for fan based situations to help clarify the sometimes blurry line between fandom and business.

Saturday 8:00pm – whenever it’s over… Masquerade andhalftime show!

Yes, the costume competition comes to Convolution for the first year.  It’s going to be very exciting.  I will be brining my Daenerys Stormborn costume with Drogon companion.  I have another costume in progress that I had hoped to bring to Convolution but is simply not ready yet. When it is, I’m I think will be pretty amazing. I should be able to share it by May.

Sunday 10:00am – 12:00 Bend it Like Bechdel.

Let’s find an alternative to the Bechdel test. The new Mako Mori test isn't quite right either. We know when we've found a movie or story that we feel is a better representation of women, yet it won’t pass those tests. So, what does it need? What do we want from a story?  Alternatively, what are we willing to accept?  

My good friend Sheryl R. Hayes will also be on panels at Convolution, her schedule can be found here.  But when you have to choose

I’m also participating in the writer’s workshop again this year. I’m certain it will be a much more pleasant experience than last year since my migraines are much better controlled now than they were a year ago.   Fun anecdote from last year’s workshop, while I was sitting there “enjoying” the dissection of my writing, I was in the middle of one of the worst migraines I’d had in months. …with any luck I haven’t just jinxed myself by writing that.  Knock on wood. Twice.

Also, Convolution happens to fall on the weekend of my 40th birthday.  Technically my birthday is on Monday the 29th, but whatever it’s close enough.  I’m taking Monday off from my day job anyway so it counts because I say so.

If you see me, feel free to say hi!  I should even have some ribbons at some point.

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  1. Ever think our schedules may be a tad overambitious? ;) Looking forward to it!